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Summer Specials - Once winter is over and ground conditions allow us to get into paddocks to process trees, we start our Summer Specials. We deliver directly to you, our customer, from the paddock (green wood). Typically, this begins some time in October and we continue to make this offer available right though till March. We are able to offer green firewood at significantly reduced prices, however, it is extremely important that special attention is paid to the "estimated drying times from green" below. We also offer semi dry wood to customers who want to be more confident that their wood will be ready for winter but still wish to save on price. Semi dry wood is about 50% dry, although this does vary.

Availability - We cannot guarantee that all of the below wood types will be available over the whole Summer Special period. While we try to ensure consistency of supply, availability is limited by what trees we are processing at the time.

* This is the estimated time it takes for each type of wood to register a moisture content of under 25%. These estimates are based on typical weather conditions. For best drying, green wood needs to be exposed to the wind and warmth, although direct sunlight is not essential. The most important factors in drying wood is good airflow and protection from water and dampness. DO NOT STORE GREEN WOOD IN A CLOSED SHED WITH NO AIRFLOW as it will not dry. It is also benifical if green wood is thrown or stacked loosely, as this increases the airflow around each piece. Initially, it is beneficial, but not essential, for green wood to be exposed to the rain as it helps to wash out the sap. Some customers will soak their wood with the garden hose if they want to stack it away before it gets rained on. However this is only beneficial in the early stages of the drying process.

Delivery Fees -The prices below include delivery to Palmerston North and Feilding. For other areas see our page on delivery fees.


Our Summer Special time has come again! We are currently working on Wet Standard Pine and starting deliveries now.

We also have (Green) Gum that will be ready in 18 months, so Winter 2022. Let us know if you would like to book these in.

Keep checking our website to see what is available.


Wood Type Description Estimated drying times from green * Semi-dry (3.6 cubic meters)

Green (3.6 cubic meters)

Poplar This is not regarded a quality firewood but we do have a number of customers who find it very good burning. Personally, I would say that it is comparable in burning to Standard Pine, however it tends to produce more ash. 5 to 7 months


Currently Unavailable


Currently Unavailable $230

Standard Pine

This Pine is cut from trees between about 18 and 40 years old. As Pine trees get older, they become better burning. We do not like to sell Pine from trees under 18 years old as they tend to burn too quickly. 5 to 7 months

Currently Unavailable

Available Now!


Old Pine

This is cut from Pine trees that are over 40 years old. There is still some variance between the burning of a 40 year old tree and a 100 year old one, so there can be some variance in it's burning quality. Very Old Pine is comparable in burning to Macrocarpa, however it does not burn as clean.

5 to 7 months

Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable



Although this is still classified as a soft wood it is a good burning firewood which also burns very cleanly. It is not suitable for open fires as it tends to spark.

8 to 10 months

Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable $320

Gum This is a good hardwood. Red and Blue Gum are extremely long burning woods. There are, however, a variety of species and they do vary in their burning quality. While all species make good firewood, there are some that are more comparable to a softer wood. We try to keep these species separate when we get large quantities of them. 18 months


Currently Unavailable


Now Available (for Winter 2022)


Manuka This is generally regarded as one of the top commercial firewoods, however other people think it is a little over rated. Because of the price, we mostly sell this to Wellington Firewood Yards who retail it in bags. We do, however, offer it to our local customers for those who want to try the "Rolls Royce" of firewood. Please note that it is cut smaller than our standard size.  2 years


Not Currently Available


Not Currently Available