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For convenience, we recommend that you store your firewood as close to your house as possible. Long treks to get your wood in wild winter weather is not much fun. Remember that although your firewood will be delivered nice and dry, if it's exposed to the rain or moisture, your wood can soak up water and become unburnable. We therefore recommend that all firewood is stored in a dry, covered area. It is good to store your wood in a purpose built woodshed, in your garage or under your carport.

We acknowledge that for various reasons it is not always possible to store your firewood in such ideal conditions, so here are some tips for you to keep your wood dry.

1. Make sure your firewood is not sitting on the damp ground. If you need to put your wood on grass or in an area where the ground gets damp then stack your wood on pallets.

2. Try to stack your wood in an area that has as little exposure to the weather as possible. Under the eaves of your house on the less exposed side is often a good place. While it is fine for your wood to be exposed to the sun and wind it is essential that it is protected as much as possible from the rain and moisture. Avoid stacking your wood in areas that are dark and damp.

3. Using covers to keep your wood dry is a good idea but be aware that a good wind can drive rain under them. They also tend to sweat.